Friday, October 18, 2013

Weekend happenings...from last weekend...

I'd like to blame my lack of blogging on my super busy life.  And, while that's partly true, I feel like I really don't have a lot of fun stuff to write about.  I don't cook, so no recipes.  We haven't gone anywhere fun.  And we don't do any DIY projects.  BUT, last weekend, we did have some fun!  We had a wedding to go to Saturday afternoon, and we only knew the bride and groom.  So, we decided to make a date night of it!  Sweet little H spent the night with his grandparents and Mommy and Daddy got to go out on the town.  It was so fun!

First up, Friday night.  That wasn't date night.  That was shop for a last minute wedding gift and then have some sushi for dinner night.  We did stop by our favorite bar for a quick drink and for a friend of ours to see H for a bit.  Yes, at a bar.  But, for what it's worth, it was the restaurant part.  And it was still early.  And you can't smoke inside in NC.  Plus, he was looking pretty dang cute that night, so we had to show him off.  Check out his hoodie with ears.  I die.

Can you even stand it?!

While we were at Kohl's shopping for the wedding gift, I grabbed a stuffed Snoopy and handed it to H, who grinned so big.  So, naturally he had to have it.  Our nephew G had a stuffed Snoopy when he was little, and he loved that thing.  He called him Noopy.  So, I had to snap a picture of H and his "Noopy" for my BIL and SIL.  Look how proud he looks!

Saturday was the wedding.  It was supposed to be outside, but it was kind of drizzly, so it was under a pavilion.  It was a lovely wedding.  We stuck around long enough for cocktail hour and the free dinner. 

He rarely makes a normal face in a picture

I had to ask nice for this one

We got a hotel in downtown for the night.  We went in checked in and seriously considered just crashing and sleeping, uninterrupted, all night.  It was reeeeaaaaalllllyyyyy tempting.  But, we were meeting friends and therefore couldn't be lame.  We went to a few bars and had a great night out with friends.  It was nice to go out and be just us for a while. 

Told normal faces from him....


One thing I realized though, after a night of being just us, is that the next day you still have to be parents.  And, let me tell you friends, hungover parenting is the least fun kind.  Thankfully, my sweet little boo seemed to know mommy wasn't feeling well and was a happy little dude all day.  He's pretty awesome.

Please ignore the booze in the background...

Ok, the above picture was from Monday.  There was no way I could have even stepped foot in the beer/wine aisle on Sunday....  Either way, he's a pretty cute little nugget!