Tuesday, January 29, 2013

29 Weeks

I know I have been seriously slacking.  I'm very sorry about that!  But, I'm back with the weekly preggo round up and I have pictures!  :)

How far along? 29 Weeks 3 Days
Size of baby:  A butternut squash.  I saw on this weekend, and holy cow it's big!
Total weight gain/loss: Last I weighed myself I think I was around 19 lbs or so.  I'm totally fine with that!  I am having some trouble coming to terms with the size of me.  But, I know it just means that me and baby are healthy.  We worked too long and hard for this for me to care about getting big.  Or massive.
Maternity clothes: Yes and yes!
Gender:  Sweet little boy!  Holt Fairfield Watts II
Movement: All the time.  He's quite the little mover and shaker in there.  His new thing is to chill out right beneath my rib cage.  That's real comfy for mommy.
Sleep: Not great.  I can't get comfortable, I wake up to pee or change positions.  I guess I'm just getting ready for those real sleepless nights.
What I miss:  Sleeping comfortably through the night!
Cravings: I realized last night that my craving has been fried chicken.  I eat fried chicken salads or chicken tenders or Chick Fil A a LOT more than I used to
Best moment this past week:  Making good progress on the nursery.  It's come a long way!
Symptoms: Dry sinuses.  And I'm sore all the time - my back, my hips.  I have a feeling my waddle isn't too far behind...

What I'm looking forward to: Going to the doctor tomorrow and hearing my little guy's heartbeat.
Milestones: Baby's brain is now getting wrinkles.  He's getting fatter, so between that and the wrinkles, he's beginning to be able to regulate his own body temperature
Mood: Pretty good most days
Signs of labor? No and no
Wedding rings on or off? Well, I'm down to one ring out of three (engagement ring and 2 wedding bands).  But as long as I can wear one I'm happy!

And here's a quick nursery sneak peek...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Catch Up

Ok, I know I have been an awful blogger.  I haven't updated in I don't know when.  I haven't even kept up with the pregnancy week by week or the 5 for Friday.  I suck!  It's been kind of hectic around these parts and, honestly, I haven't really had anything interesting to say.

*  Christmas was different.  It was lovely and wonderful, but it always feels different for me when I don't go home to TN and celebrate it with my family.  This was my second spending it with B's family and I'm still adjusting.  It's hard to get used to another way of spending a holiday that you've celebrated one way your whole life. 

*  New Years Eve was fun.  We went to an Avett Brothers concert with some friends.  I was a little skeptical, you know being super pregnant at a concert.  But, it was a really good time.  B and I had a lovely moment at midnight realizing what an amazing and huge year we have coming up.  Aside from the baby, I turn 30, and we have some other super secret stuff on the horizon as well.  2013 is going to be a big big year for us and we started it off right!

Avett Brothers Love That Let Us Share A Name Print 8.5x11
These are lyrics to a song sang at the concert.  "Murder in the City" is the song.  B and I fell in love with the lyrics.

* We are making some headway with the nursery.  We've got some stuff on the walls and are just waiting for showers to happen so we know what we're working with. 

* The little nugget has become insanely wiggly in the past few days.  It's crazy and amazing and weird all rolled into one.  B loves it because he finally gets to be a part of it.

* My first baby shower is this weekend in TN.  My two oldest and dearest (they were co-maids of honor in my wedding) are hosting it for me.  So, not only do I get to celebrate with some of my favorite ladies I haven't seen in a while, I also get to love on my sweet sweet nephews for a few days.  Can't wait!

* Hopefully I'll get some good pics this weekend so I can blog about the shower.  And, perhaps even get a good bump shot so I can continue my weeekly preggo round up.