Tuesday, November 26, 2013

8 Months

Ok, time you can slow down now.  I do not appreciate you speeding faster and faster toward the one year mark.  I just can't handle it!

My little guy is getting more and more fun by the day.  He's got so much energy and personality.  I am totally loving this stage.  He cracks us up constantly and has the most infectious smile.  He's pretty much happy all the time.  He rarely cries unless he's hungry or sleepy.  He's on the go all the time.  Much like his daddy, he's not content in one place for too long.  He's crawling all over the house exploring everything.  If we catch him, he just looks at us with a huge grin that basically says "do you see what I'm doing! This is awesome!"

If he doens't like what's going on - he will let you know!  We've taken to sticking him in baby jail (his pack n play) and if it's just too confined for this free range baby, he will yell at us until we let him out.  At dinner last night, I was dropping water in his mouth with my straw and when I quit, he yelled at me again.  He's definitely opinionated and wants things his way.  Not sure where he got that from...Yeah, it's me.  Definitely me.

Food. This little piggy eats whatever we put in front of him
Being free and mobile
Standing up
Musical toys
Being tickled (his thighs and his neck get the biggest and best giggles)
Playing Peek A Boo - this guarantees a laugh every single time

His carseat.  This does not bode well for our 9 hour road trip we have next month!
Getting changed.  He's forced to be too still for too long

Waving hi and bye bye
Saying Mama and Dada and we're convinced Bye Bye
Playing Peek a Boo - he will cover his face and move whatever he's covering it with
Quickly (like a millisecond) standing without holding on to anything
Using a sippy cup with no handles

My sweet boy:

I can't even believe how much you're growing and changing every single day.  Your daddy and I love watching  you learn and experience new things.  You are so curious and love to be out and about to see everything that's going on.  You are such a happy little guy. You smile so much and we're getting some great giggles these days.

Love you so much boo,

And, since we were at a football game all day the day he actually turned 8 months (the pictures above were from the day after) - here's a picture from the actual day of.

How awesome are his hat and shoes!


  1. umm i agree - that is THE cutest hair ever! and super cool shoes! you have such a cute son my dear. 8 months already!

  2. Absolutely adorable! He's growing so quickly!!!!