Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Weekend in Review

We had such a fun weekend this past weekend.  B had to work at a beer festival in Wilmington, NC.  We love this festival because the organizers always put the reps up at a beach front condo in Wrightsville Beach.  So, this year we asked our BFF's to join us.  While the men worked, the ladies and the kiddos (they have the sweetest little 5 month old girl.  She and H are already betrothed) hung out and explored Wilmington.

At one point, my BFF and I were sitting in the front seat of the car eating fruit snacks and talking.  In the back I could hear H saying "pweeeees" asking for me to share the fruit snacks.  Well, it didn't really register to me what he was asking for.  Then, all of a sudden, he yells "HEY!!! Pwees!!!!" so I would finally listen to him and share the fruit snacks.  We about died.  The things that come out of that kid's mouth lately are hilarious.  Earlier in the day, he took a drink of water from his sippy cup and said "mmmm.  Good!" clear as a bell.

The gorgeous sunrise view from our room

My loves playing in the surf

My new favorite pic of H ever.  That face!

When we got back to town, we headed straight for the State Fair.  Thank goodness H (and I) napped in the car on the way home. H was in major stimulation overload.  But he loved every second of it.  We saw all the animals and he told us what they all say.  He rode the merry go round with his grumpa.  He ate a nasty looking red hot dog (Brighleaf hot dogs are big in this area but the redness of them gross me out).  He tried some cotton candy (that I didn't authorize and was, in fact, a little pissed that my FIL didn't ask my permission before giving it to him).  Thankfully the texture freaked him out and he didn't like it.  We had so much fun and he had the best time ever.

My boys

I'm destined to a lifetime of weird faces in photos

H and his grumpa

 All in all, it was a perfect fall weekend!

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