Tuesday, February 19, 2013

32 Weeks

Holy moly - only 8 weeks left - MAX.  How has this pregnancy flown by so much!?!

How far along? 32 Weeks 3 Days
Size of baby:  I went with a different source this week - so he is the size of a loaf of bread
Total weight gain/loss: I think I'm roughly 25 lbs.  That works for me!
Maternity clothes: YES!  Even non maternity sleep tee shirts are getting a bit snug
Gender:  Sweet little boy!  Holt Fairfield Watts II
Movement: All the darn time.  He's got a ton of energy in there.  He takes after his daddy
Sleep: Not so good.  I can't get comfortable and when I do, I can't stay that way.
What I miss:  A good night's sleep
Cravings: Comfort food.  Especially the kind that can be drown in ranch or honey mustard dressing.  MMMMM
Best moment this past week:  Watching B experience the baby moving.  It's so stinking adorable!  I like that he can now be more a part of things.
Symptoms: Heartburn like woah.  I had toast this morning and I'm dying.  And the puffy fingers and feet and cankles.  They're super cute.
What I'm looking forward to: Baby shower numero dos is this week.  Can't wait!  Oh, and I just noticed that I went all spanish with my verbage and my shower is at a Mexican restaurant!  And my ultrasound next week.  This little nugget is measuring a big large (3 weeks early!!!!!!) so we're going to check him out and see just how big he is getting and then formulate a game plan.  God bless my OB who said if he's going to be more than 10 lbs she won't make me birth him.  I love her.
Milestones: He is likely in the head down position now
Mood: The hormones are rearing up a bit more than they were...
Signs of labor? Nope, thank goodness.
Wedding rings on or off? Officially off.  I'm now wearing a ring that's part of a right hand set.  It's sparkly and it fits.  Winner!


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    1. Thanks dear!! I usually think I look awkward in these pics so THANK YOU!!!