Monday, February 11, 2013

31 Weeks

How do I only have 9 weeks left?!  Holy crap!

How far along? 31 Weeks 2 Days
Size of baby:  A Pineapple.  Mmmmmy pineapple sounds really good now. 
Total weight gain/loss: I'm hovering around 23 lbs.  I'm totally fine with that.
Maternity clothes: Yes and yes!
Gender:  Sweet little boy!  Holt Fairfield Watts II
Movement: All the time.  He's getting so big now that the movements are super noticeable.  And sometimes not so pleasant.  But really cool.  Any my belly now looks like there's an alien living inside it.
Sleep: Depends on the day.  Usually not great though
What I miss:  This weekend I really missed adult beverages for some reason
Cravings: Chips Ahoy chocolate chunk cookies. MMMMMMMM
Best moment this past week:  Laying on the couch yesterday watching my belly move.  Then, B laid is head on my belly and the baby kicked him in the head.  Seeing B's reaction was adorable.
Symptoms: Still the dry nose.  And the achiness.
What I'm looking forward to: Having maternity pics taken in a few weeks.  Hopefully I won't be as big as a house then.
Milestones: All 5 senses are now working and his temperature is partially regulated by the brain
Mood: Pretty good.  Although I've noticed I've had a shorter fuse lately.  And I'm a bit weepier
Signs of labor? Nope, thank goodness.
Wedding rings on or off? Still just down to one, which is usually my engagement ring.

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