Friday, May 31, 2013

2 month stuff

My sweet boy is now 2 weeks old!  Well, actually, he's more than that, but whatever....
I ordered some adorable month by month stickers to take a picture monthly to see how much he's grown.  My friend Ashley inspired us to take his picture in the same spot next to something each month to see the difference.  Her little nugget is younger than mine, so we didn't get the inspiration until before the 2 month shot.  Eh well.  Here he is at 2 months.  He's so big!

So dapper!

 And, for comparison's sake - here's a little side by side action for months 1 and 2...
Such a difference!
We had his two month check up yesterday.  He is 11 lbs 8 oz and 23 3/4 inches long.  He's in the 37% of weight and 73% of height.  Long and lean my little one!  B was initially concerned that it was just 37%, but seeing as how he was only in the 12% at 2 weeks, I was excited!  The NP we saw said he was looking great.  She was super impressed at how well he holds his head up and is able to push up.  So strong!  Then, he had his vaccines.  Now, I know there are all sorts of debates out there surrounding vaccinating your kid.  I trust my peditrician's office and know they have the best interest of my son at heart.  So, whatever they say is what I'll do.  My little guy was such a trooper!  He cried when they stuck him but after that he was totally fine.  He was even asleep in his carseat before we even made it to the car.  Luckily for the babysitter, he slept all day long.

Which, brings me to my next topic.  We got fired from daycare.  After 9 days.  This may be some sort of record!  She claims that he cries all day every day and that her neighbors complain.  I think it's a her issue.  He's usually super sweet for us in the morning and evening.  She has her own 4 month old and her own toddler.  So, I honestly think she just bit off more than she can chew.  Now we're scrambling to find another sitter ASAP.  Thankfully B's job is flexible and his mom lives nearby.  So, next week they're splitting time to keep him.  After that it's a bit of a crap shoot.  I'm sure we will find someone we love and who loves him.

Our first long road trip was a success!  I got off work a little early so we were able to hit the road about 2 hours ahead of schedule.  We fed him a little before we left and he slept almost the whole time.  He woke up once to eat and once because he had a major poop situation.  Toward the end he got a little fussy, but poor guy had been in his seat the whole time.  He just wanted to be out.  The ride home was pretty much the same.  Minus the poop situation, thank goodness! 

The trip was a great time.  He got to meet my two BFF's, his Aunt KK and his Aunt Jess.  He got lots of snuggle time in with his aunts and uncle and grandparents.  As always it went by way to fast. 

His skeptical faces crack me up!

He seems to be a little under the weather today, but hopefully he'll feel better soon.  We have a big weekend!

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  1. he is ADORABLE as ever!
    i hope you guys enjoy the weekend!