Friday, September 27, 2013

6 months

Holy crap, how on earth is my little nugget already half a year old?!  Where on earth has the time gone?  It's the strangest thing, it seems like just yesterday he was born but at the same time I can't remember my life without him in it.  Very strange stuff.

brand new to 5 months

He has such a fun personality.  He is all smiley and happy.  When I pick him up from the sitter's he grins and grins at me then buries his face in my neck.  He talks and talks and talks some more.  He's started to say dadadadada which my husband loves.  I just keep telling him that the da is easier to say than the ma.  Not to mention he has no idea what that means!  Perhaps I'm just jealous...

He's finally gaining some weight.  He's up 4 lbs since his 4 month check up.  He's at 17 lbs 14 oz (56%) and 27 inches long (69%).  His head is finally evening out.  He's still in the 90's percentile wise (93%) but the rate at wich it's growing has slowed.  Looks like he's just going to have a big noggin.  It's cause he's so smart!

His bouncy.  This kid loves that thing.  He jumps so high and just squeals while he's in there.
His highchair.  After dinner, I wheel him into the living room and he just hangs out in there.  And he loves the rolling to the living room part.  He thinks its hilarious
Being tickled.  He giggles the sweetest little giggles when I tickle him
His momma.  He's becoming a bit of a mommas boy and I kind of love it
Doesn't Love
Still getting lotioned after a bath.  He hasn't quite realized that lotion does not equal hot acid
Being on his back.  He is constantly trying to roll over on his belly!


He sits up on his own regularly and does it well.  He's up on all fours and rocking, but still hasn't crawled just yet.  He's still going strong on foods.  He's quite the little piggy and I love it.  I gave him mashed potatoes last weekend and he made the cutest little digusted face.  He's so funny.

Sweet little boo,

How has time gone by so fast?  I fall more and more in love with you every day.  I love watching your little personality develop and see who you're becoming.  You make us laugh all the time with your huge smile.  You talk and talk to us and will respond if we ask you questions.  You let us know when you love or hate something.  Very opinionated, just like your momma.  You're quite the little goof, just like your daddy.  And you've developed into quite the little flirt.  Also just like your daddy!  We are having so much fun with you and love you so much we can't stand it!

Love, Momma


  1. i love his expression in month 3! he is SUCH a doll. you found the best monthly stickers for him!
    and i totally wanted a C pillow after i saw these... i have yet to copy that idea. haha!

  2. Thanks dear! You have a time to hop on over to Land of Nod to order a C pillow! Clearly I didn't start this till month 2, so you still can! :) The funny thing is, you guys can't even see the other H branded things in his room. We're Southern, so I've basically monogrammed everything that doesn't move - his quilt, a canvas above his bed, 75% of his burp cloths, a tote bag that I was using as a diaper bag... you name it, I'll monogram it!

  3. Happy half-birthday to beautiful little dude. We love watching you grow, especially being not far behind you. xxx Aly & Georgia