Tuesday, January 28, 2014

10 Months!

We are quickly approaching H's first birthday and I swear time is in a vortex and is flying by.  I wish it would stop!


This month has been so fun with my little dude.  He's full of energy and so so happy all the time.  He giggles and laughs when we tickle him.  And since he's discovered he can yell, that's basically his only volume.  He thinks it's hilarious.  Us?  Less so.  He's starting to stand unsupported more and more. He loves music. He's always dancing. Or, singing to himself and dancing to his own song. It's pretty much the cutest thing ever.
Exhibit A
He's eating 3 big boy meals a day.  And is down to 4 5 oz bottles.  My plan is to switch to whole milk when he turns one.  He got his his third and fourth top teeth (bringing the grand total to 6!) this month, so eating real food is more and more possible.  I also introduced him to goldfish crackers and he loves them!  His favorite foods are: steamed cauliflower (he LOVES it!), any fruit, and mum mums.  We have also been working on converting him to the straw sippy cup.

There are very few dislikes this month.  Mostly not giving him his food quick enough.  And diaper changes.  You can't pin this free range baby down!

Toys! Also, I die over these big boy jammies!

More toys!

Major news this month though.  We fired our sitter.  I swear, it's been a week and a half and I'm still livid over this!  The Friday before MLK day, I got off work an hour early.  I headed to pick H up from the sitter.  I swear, as I was ringing the bell I thought to myself "I should have let her know I'm coming early.  Well, actually, it's probably good to stop by unannounced".  Not a second later, her teenage son opens the door. (this is the same teenage son who left H napping on a changing table unattended back in August and she SWORE that he was never allowed with the kids again)  I asked where his mom was.  She was gone to pick his sister up from college - an HOUR AND A HALF away!!!! Meaning, she was gone at a MINIMUM 3 hours.  And that's just travel time.  Leaving my son and the other little kid she keeps alone with an incompetent teenager and a few of his buddies for most of the day!!!!!!!!  I couldn't get H out of there fast enough.  I mean, I didn't even think to get his stuff.  I did manage to get the brand new, unopened pack of diapers that we brought that day.  Then, as I was pulling out, she pulled up.  Meaning, had I not gotten off early, I never would have known she was gone.  She all but jumped out of a moving car.  "oh is everything ok?!"  Um, no you psycho, it's not.  But, for fear of killing her in her driveway, I just shortly answered that I got off work early and picked him up.  I honestly didn't trust myself to say anymore.  She got a strongly worded firing email when I got home.  Had it not been for B making me be civil, the email would have included several "eff you's" and been explitave ladden.  I'm really upset that I don't have the phone number of the other mother who keeps her kid there.  I feel like I'm doing her a disservice by not letting her know what went on.

Thankfully, we have found a wonderful place for him.  It's two girls running it out of their house.  They're basically running it like a daycare center.  So, I get all of the benefits with none of the downfalls.  Yesterday was his first day.  He was so happy and chatty all evening.  Usually he's fussy leaving and will nap on the way home.  It did my heart good to see him so happy.  Today is day 2 and it's show and tell.  He's bringing his stuffed Mickey doll.

I mean can you even stand it?!
Meanwhile, here are some amazing pictures from the past month...

This is his "I'm mad that mommy wouldn't let me eat the remote" face.  I spy 2 top teeth!

It was rainy and humid this day.  Clearly his hair didn't agree with the weather!


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  1. He is seriously the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So glad you got him out of that crazy person's care. Great job momma bear!