Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm Pregnant!! Now What?!

When we last left off, our infertility journey wrapped up with an early morning trip to the potty.  I swear, those were the longest 3 minutes of my life!  I had heard that when you're actually pregnant you don't need to use first morning pee or that it won't take the full 3 mintues.  Mine was obviously first morning pee as it was 4:45.  And, while I don't think it took the full 3 minutes, it definitely didn't just pop up either.  Then, there it was - the second line.  That glorious, beautiful second line. 
I had taken many a preggo test in my day.  Digital ones, blue dye ones, ones with lines, ones with a positive sign.  You name it, I had been there.  Now, at this point, I had stopped using the digital ones.  There was just something really mean and somewhat sinister about seeing "NOT PREGNANT" in writing.  Why you gotta be so rude pregnancy test?!  So, this go 'round, I was using the First Response kind.  Amongst the infertility boards I was frequenting, these were the most accurate and had fewer false negatives or positives (apparently blue dye tests are more faulty.  The more you know.).
I finished my business and went in and woke up B.  Poor guy had been at a work event pretty late the night before and wasn't exactly in the best condition.  Such a great story to tell sweet baby H - your daddy was hungover the morning we found out about you!  I think we may have to fib a bit...  So, I woke up the sleeping husband and shoved the pee stick in his face.  To his blurry eyes, he didn't see that beautiful second line.  Hand and voice shaking I made him look harder.  Sure enough, there it was to him too.  I hadn't imagined it.  I burst into tears.  It was really really happening.  Holy shit.  Bless his heart, he wasn't quite as emotional as me.  Perhaps it was the early morning wake up?  Since it was a Friday morning, I had to get ready for work.  Luckily I had woken up early b/c I had to head to the RE's office to get a blood test!!  Woo Hoo!!  After I had gotten somewhat ready, I called my mom.  It was 5:30 her time.  Clearly I could have cared less about other people's sleep that day.  She saw it was me and she said she just knew I was calling her to tell her it was a negative test.  Nope!  Fooled you lady!  She and I both were in tears.  We had waited so long for this moment.  While I was on the phone with my parents (my step-dad had woken up at this point), B delivered his news to his parents in the worst possible way ever.  He texted them a picture of the positive test.  Talk about anti-climatic!  His mom immediately called him of course.
So, after the phone convos with the parents, off I went to the doctor's office to have my blood test.  Somewhere along the line I had lost my fear of needles.  Especially this one.  This needle was finally going to deliver good news.  I was told to expect my results by noon.  Noon came and went and I had heard nothing.  I was starting to really freak the eff out.  This couldn't be good.  No news was bad news.  Then, I got an email from my nurse, Kim.  God love Kim.  She was so amazing through this whole process I can't even begin to say.  She said their phones were down but she knew I wanted the results so she emailed them to me.  My HCG (the pregnancy hormone) was at 21.8 which was, as she put, not "knock me down fantastic."  I of course burst into tears.  Then, she emailed me back saying that she went back and looked at my chart because she wanted this to work out for us so badly and I had tested too early.  That made me feel loads better.  I went back in on Monday, and my number had gone up accordingly and continued to do so!  That was one scary and exciting and nerve wracking weekend though.  We got to see our little nugget at 6 weeks and 7 weeks.  Then, we were released to my OB.  Like a normal pregnant lady.

Since you guys have stuck through all these posts with no pictures, I'll indulge in one!  You're welcome for including a picture that is involved with my pee!

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