Monday, June 24, 2013

3 Months

This picture sums him up right now - hands in mouth, feet kicking

 Oh my sweet little nugget boy, how are you already 3 months old?!  Where have the last 13 weeks gone?

My peditrician's office only does well baby visits when it's time for shots, so I don't know how much he weighs or how long he is this month.  But, I can definitely tell he's growing!

Just look at the difference!

His little personality is really starting to show through.  He smiles a lot and is getting to be pretty easy going.  I'm SO glad to see this.  I was really starting to think I have a fussy kid.  But, he's starting to get his act together and be a happy smiley little dude.

Teeny little glimpse of a smile...

Big huge smiles!

Things he loves:
Being outside.  He could seriously be screaming bloody murder and all we have to do is step out on the porch and he quiets right down.  He did NOT get this trait from his mama...
Baths.  I could spend all day with this kid during bath time.  He loves it.  He's discovering his feet and legs and just splashes them all around.  So stinking cute!
The car.  He is almost always perfectly content in the car.  Last week on the way home from the sitter, I caught him grinning at his reflection in the mirror we have above his carseat.  My heart melted!
Snuggles.  He loves to snuggle and nap on us.  I'm trying to break him of this for the sake of the sitter, but he's just so dang snuggly that I usually end up giving in.  Hey, it's my rule so I can break it!

Things he hates:
Burping.  For some reason in the past 2 weeks or so, he has decided that he hates burping and will scream and arch his back while we try to burp him.  I've started putting his paci in his mouth and that usually works.
Lotioning up after a bath.  I swear, you'd think I was rubbing  hot acid on him rather than yummy smelling lotion!

Other things of note:
He rolled over for the first time yesterday!!! I was in his room putting away hand me downs from our trip...a month ago... and he was getting fussy in his bouncy chair, so I put him on the floor for tummy time.  He pushed himself up and just rolled right over!  He's always been really good at holding his head up and pushing up during tummy time.  He even rolled over a few times at like 3 weeks.  But this was the real thing!

Tummy Time champ!

The sleep thing is still going well.  Naps are done in the crib when he's at home.  At night he goes right down.  He has kept up the spit the paci out game.  But, last night, I tried giving him a bed time bottle.  We usually feed him 5 oz every 3 hours, with his last one being at like 6:30 or so.  Since bed time is 8, I usually just put him to bed.  But, twice this past weekend I heard about the bed time bottle, so I thought I'd try my hand at it and gave him 2 oz.  Slept like a champ!  Only one round of spit the paci and that was at 5:45 so I was already awake!

To my sweet boy:
I love you so much that I can't even stand it.  Sometimes I just look at you and get tears in my eyes because I just can't believe that you're mine.  You are worth every single thing we went through to get to you.
I love you-


  1. dear lord. he is seriously too cute for words. i just die!
    and i LOVE the initial pillow. its turning out so lovely to use in your pictures! love love love that.
    how do you like the mamas & papas snug?! ive been eyeing that or the bebepod vs the bumbo..

    1. Thank you!! He's so photogenic that I had to use so many pics this time.

      The H pillow is from Land of Nod and it's totally worked in more ways than the cute decor I originally got it for! :)

      So far I like the snug, but we haven't used it a whole lot. It's big so I feel like it's great for these early days when he's so floppy and can't hold himself up. The thing that drew me to it was that you can take out the silicone part and use the plastic part as they grow. Although my little dude is so skinny he'll be able to sit in it until he's in middle school...