Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Weekend at the Lake

We are fortunate that B's parents have a lake house about an hour and a half from our house.  We take advantage of it as often as we can.  I was honestly a little apprehensive about how often we'd be able to go this summer with such a teeny little human.  But, it went really well.

We woke up on Saturday morning, fed the nugget, and hit the road.  Our best friends were meeting us up there.  This was the first time that we drove anywhere with the baby in the back seat with the dogs.  Thankfully it was a success!  Aside from trying to steal Sophie the Giraffe away from him when I was squeeking it at him (so, kind of my fault), they rarely even bothered him.

Once we got there and unloaded the cars (side note: um, holy crap, traveling with an infant is NO JOKE.  We weren't even gone 48 hours and had 3 bags and the pack n play.  THREE BAGS FOR OVERNIGHT!), we got settled and the baby fed again, and then we went down and hung out on the dock.  We had a teeny little baby pool for the baby to chill out in.  At first he didn't like it, but once it got heated by the sun a bit more, he really enjoyed himself.  He did not, however, enjoy the boat ride.  I'm not sure what it was about it, but he screamed every time the boat was in motion.  Poor little boo boo.

Hanging at the pool with his daddy

I was a little worried how the whole nap thing would go.  We're just now getting a handle on actual naps.  And I was afraid that being out of town and not really on a set schedule would mean disaster.  But, he was a champ.  He napped pretty decently all weekend.  And, once on the dock, he fell asleep in my arms.  Since I'm trying to nix that as much as humanly possible, we just made him a little pallate on a table (we were right there the whole entire time and he doesn't roll yet).  I laid him down and he slept for 45 minutes.  Napping win!  Shortly after this nap was over, he smiled the biggest smile when he saw me.  It was the first time he's smiled when recognizing me.  B and I both got a little misty eyed.

Yesterday, we celebrated B's first Father's Day.  We were awakened by a sweet little smiling baby.  He was all smiles for a good while first thing.  I think we even heard the beginnings of a laugh!!!  So, naturally, now we're on LaughWatch2013.  I made everyone breakfast.  If you know me, you know that this is almost laughable.  However, I made the world's easiest breakfast ever (crescent rolls, cream cheese, sausage, that's it!) , so it was really no big deal.  Then we just sort of hung out and were lazy all day.  The boys watched the US Open and the first game of the College World Series (Go Wolfpack!). 

We refer to B as Papa, so this was a little surprise for the day

Melts my heart

All in all it was a great weekend! 

Oh, and also, this is the most hilarious pic of the baby to date...

Channeling Burt Reynolds, circa 1985

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