Friday, July 5, 2013

5 for Friday

Happy Friday friends!  While most of the country is off still celebrating our independence, I'm at work.  Stupid banking.  Yes we do get rando holidays off (thanks Colombus!) but have to work the day after all of them.

Aaaaanyway, here's what's been up the past week...

1. Yesterday was (obviously) the 4th of July.  We spent it cleaning our house (me) and doing yardwork (B).  We had some friends over who have a little nugget that's 2 weeks older than H.  So, we had a teeny baby play date.  All was well until there was a moment where all hell broke lose.  The other nugget spit up all over the place, and in the hilarity of that I noticed H had pooped out of his diaper all over the place as well and I stuck my hand in it.  None of us could do anything about either because we were all laughing too darn hard.  Good stuff.

2.  B was back for the whole week!!  Woo hoo!  Monday he decided to stay home with the nugget since he had missed him so bad.  So cute!

3.  The nanny hunt continues.  One was in a suuuuuuuper sketchy neighborhood, on was much too far away.  We have another meeting today.  Fingers crossed she works out.

4.  The sun has finally come out.  I swear, here in NC it's been raining for what seems like forever!  I am sooooooo over the rain!

5.  We're headed off this weekend to spend it with some friends. 

Have a great weekend!

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