Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Favorite TV Shows

So, I kind of love TV.  Is that bad to say?  Oh, well, I do. Brandon and I have several shows that we watch together and get totally sucked into. And then there are some that I just watch on my own because they're pretty bad or meant for teenagers and he just won't participate in my ridiculousness.

Mad Men - we were late to the game on this one, but woah.  We love it.  The stories, the costumes, the historical accurateness.  It's amazing.  Although, after this season, I kind of want to punch Don Draper in the throat...

Breaking Bad - this show is intense.  But in the best way possible.  We got into it via Netflix and would stay up till all hours of the night watching because we just could. not. stop.  Also, I kind of have a crush on Jesse Pinkman.  Fun fact, after watching endless hours of this show on end, I have a tendancy to refer to every one as Bitch in a very aggressive tone a la Jesse.  Good stuff.

Parenthood - this show is amazing.  The people are so real on this show.  The past 2 seasons have had us (yes, both of us) in tears more often than not.  If you haven't checked it out yet, it's a must see!

Grey's Anatomy - this one I just can't quit.  I've stuck through all the crap (Izzie having sex with a ghost.  The musical episode) hoping that it returns to it's original glory.  That's yet to happen, but I'm no quitter...

Glee - like I said, ridiculousness.  This show has always been pure fluff, but last season it was just crap.  But, as with Grey's, I just can't quit.

Weeds - I know this one is off the air now, but I just finished it.  So, to me it's still relevant.  This one started off amazing.  You wanted to see what crazy caper Nancy got into.  Then, like most of the shows I watch, it got a bit ridiculous.  But, still so so good.

The Mindy Project - I have a girl crush on Mindy Kaling (go out and buy her book NOW) so when I saw she was getting her own show, I was super excited.  It did not disappoint.  She is very relateable and this show is just too funny.

The New Girl - Have you all seen this show?  It's awesome.  It keeps getting better and better.  Jess and Nick's relationship is so cute to watch.  And who doesn't love Schmidt?  Also, I want a douche bag jar for real life.

The Bachelor/The Bachelorette - I have a group of girls that get together to watch this every season.  It has slowly gotten worse and worse, and yet we still gather to watch.  We always say each season is our last, and yet here we are watching Des's "journey" to "love"...

I told you I watch a lot of TV....  But, I'm definitely open to any suggestions!  What shows am I missing?!

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