Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A year ago today...

As I was getting ready for work this morning, my sweet boy was laying on our bed babbling and talking away.  It was the sweetest sound in the world.  A year ago today, my morning was much different.  It was a Monday and it was a big day.  It was the day of our IUI.  Our last effort in conceiving.
The actual procedure was scheduled for 9 am.  But, we had to take B's contribution at 8 so they could wash them up real good and get them ready for their big date with my eggs.  Yes, eggs.  I had 4 that were big enough to release when I did my trigger shot.  We knew we were playing a risky little game, but this was our last shot and it was go big or go home.  After we dropped it off, we went down the street to get some coffee.  Well, coffee for him and water for me.  I was already nervous enough.  I didn't need to be all hopped up on caffeine.  It was kind of a quiet little coffee date.  I think we were both in our own heads about what was about to go down.
We arrived back at the office and were ushered to a room.  I was only used to the ultrasound rooms, so this was a new place for me. It was brighter and had a window.  For some reason, I found comfort in this.  I was told to take off everything from the waist down and lay on the table under the paper that would cover my lady bits.  For some reason I always hid my undies in my purse during these visits.  Clearly B had seen my undies and the person doing the procedure would see far more personal things than my undies, but still.  Small personal privacy victories people.  We had to wait a bit before the nurse came back.  B, always the one to not be serious in a serious situation, asked if he could hop on the table and put his feet up in the stirrups.  Laughing and being goofy with him is just what I needed in that moment.
The whole IUI procedure took less than 15 minutes.  It would have taken less had she not had to switch speculums cause the first one hurt like a mo fo.  That was it.  15 minutes that would change our lives forever.  I laid on the table for about 10 minutes after to let gravity do its thing.  I took the day off work, so when I got home I changed into comfy pants, put a pillow under my hips, and laid on the couch all day long.  A friend told me to visualize the sperm swimming to my eggs.  Me, being ridiculous, ended up singing "Just keep swimming" from Finding Nemo in my head all day.  I guess it's basically the same thing.  One would even say it was the first song I ever sang to my baby.  (That was meant as a joke and now I'm all teary eyed thinking about it.  Good Lord.)
Next I waited for 2 long weeks.  The 2 longest weeks of my life.  But, since you all have met my sweet boy, you know how that turned out!
And, since I haven't posted a pic of my little dude in a while, here's a picture.  My whole heart captured in one picture.