Monday, July 8, 2013

Oh Baby......weight

I am admittedly one of those people who are either always on a diet or always on the cusp of starting a diet.  I have done weight watchers like 3 times only to never reach my goal weight and always to gain my weight right back and usually more than I started with.  It's annoying and gross.

I was actually doing WW last summer before I got pregnant.  But, I was all hopped up on artificial hormones and they were making me gain weight and WW couldn't even keep up, so I quit.  Then, I got knocked up and started eating like it was no big deal.  I only gained like 35-40 lbs while I was pregnant, so I figured it wouldn't be super hard to lose.  Well, come to find out, if you want to lose the baby weight, you have to stop eating and acting like your pregnant.  Who knew!!!

So, after 3 and a half months of being grossed out by looking at myself in the mirror and not letting my husband see my naked, I decided enough was enough.  The weight isn't going to melt off (damn breastfeeding for not working!) and I'm going to have to get off my lazy (sleep deprived) ass and do something about it.

What did I do?  I joined WW for the fourth time.  I am ususally pretty successful when I'm on it.  It holds me accountable and forces me to eat better.  I tend to be an instant gratification type of person, so it annoys me that you have to lose slowly and the healthy way (blah blah blah...just kidding).  But, it took me 9 months to put this weight off, and it could take 9 months to lose it.

For the record, I have lost about 15 or 20 of the pounds I gained.  So, it's not like I'm starting from scratch.

And, for even more accountability, I'm going to post my goals on this here blog. 

* Get back to pre-baby weight
* Lose about 35 lbs more after that is reached
* Get off my butt and earn some activity points in addition to just eating better
* Not get grossed out by the sight of myself in the mirror (this is mental just as much as the physical act of losing the weight)

All that being said, my little guy was worth each and every pound I gained.  And if I had to stay this same size just to keep him, I would.  He is so so so worth every extra lb and every stretch mark.  But, that doesn't mean that I have to stay this size just to be his momma and I don't plan to.  I hope to take that dedication I had when I was working to get pregnant and apply it to losing this dang weight!


  1. i think you look great, as i have always - but i totally know its a personal state of mind!
    i will be joining you so soon mama!

    1. Thanks dear!! You're too sweet! :)