Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Pet Peeves

So, in a continuation from my fun pin of things I want my kids to know about me turn blog post ideas, today we have a list of 10 pet peeves.  It's been said that I have a short fuse and get annoyed pretty quickly, so I'm pretty sure this list could be longer than just 10 items.  But, in the interest of not making myself look ridiculous, I'll keep it at just 10.  You're welcome.

And, here we go!

1.  Being hot.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who hates this.  This comes on the heels of it being about a million degrees, in the South, and my AC being on the fritz.  So, I've been constantly annoyed for theb better part of two days now...

2. People driving slow in the fast lane.  Listen up people, it's called the fast lane for a reason.  If you were meant to drive 5-10 miles BELOW the speed limit, it would be called the "drive below the speed limit lane".  But, it's not, so quit it.

3. Hearing 2 noises at once.  What I mean by that is when you have both the radio and the TV on or something like that.  It annoys me to no end.

4. People who talk on speaker phone when in a group setting.  This is so inconsiderate!!!  Not everyone wants to be a part of this obviously super important conversation about what you're planning on having for dinner tonight.

5. Lateness.  Listen, it is not hard to be on time for things.  All you have to do is manage your time accordingly!  I have a child and till manage to be on time for almost everything.  Lateness, to me, says that your time is more important than mine.

6. Clutter.  I hate clutter.  Everything has a spot and it everything should be in it's spot.  This affects me daily as my sweet husband is the king of just leaving crap lying around.  Now, I'm insanely stubborn so it's like an old west stand off in my head of who will clean it up first.  In reality, it only bothers me.  He just sees right past it.

7. People who push their ideas and opinions down your throat without bothering to hear your side.  This especially applies to the topics of politics and religion.  Can't we all just live and let live?!

8. People who judge other people's parenting.  No, I don't breastfeed.  Yes, I give my kid a paci. Yes, I vaccinate my kid.  Yes, my kid knows what the TV is.   But, guess what!  He's still alive almost 4 months later, so I'm clearly doing something right.  You parent your way and I'll parent mine.  (ok, I can be a bit guilty of this from time to time.  So I annoy myself.)

9. Repetitive noises.  Like snoring or tapping.  I can only handle a little bit before I lose my shit.  Like I said - short fuse.

10. Douche baggy type people.  I'm sure this one is unversal, so I won't go into why they bug me.  It should be self explanitory.

Wow, this was actually harder than I though.  Clearly it's mainly people that annoy me.  Also, I think I'm now in a very dark mood after going on and on about my pet peeves.  I need a drink.


  1. PREACH.
    can not stand people being late. slow drivers. being hot makes me a super cranky girl. i agree on lots of these!

  2. Oh we are SO similar!

  3. #2... AH! I seriously want to run into people that do that! If it didn't cause damage or pain then I probably would just to show them to get the heck out of my way ;)