Friday, November 2, 2012

5 for Friday

So, yeah, yesterday's post was kind of heavy.  And, because of that, I decided that was a great way to segue into my newest feature: 5 for Friday!  This will be things that I'm thankful for or excited about or whatever.  Just 5 good things!

1. This sweet baby girl.  This is Hippo.  She turns 3 soonish (she was a rescue and I don't really know when her birthday is), and she makes me smile all the time.  She like to follow me upstairs and wait for me while I take a shower, or wash my face, or anything I do upstairs.  She has taken to the guestroom bed as if it's her own!  Look at that face!

2. I'm excited about going to the NC State football game tomorrow.  The weather should be perfect.  And, I get to wear my excellent maternity jeggings.  They're like heaven.

3. My sweet momma comes to visit next week!  She'll be here for the gender scan and to help get the nursery ready.  I love spending time with her and can't wait to see her!

4. It's November, which means the weather gets cooler and only a few more weeks till I can eat my weight in delicious Thanksgiving food!  And, since I'm preggo this year, I get all the food and none of the guilt! :)


5.  It's Friday, and that's reason enough to be excited!!!!

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