Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Our Infertility Journey - Part 3

I left you guys hanging with good news.  Well, the good news was B produces sperm!  Hooray!!!  That means, that if nothing else, we can do IVF to get pregnant.  Dr. S said this was great news.  He then said that the next step would be yet another surgery to do an exploration to see if he find what the hold up was and if he could fix it.  This seemed like a fairly easy surgery (said the girl not getting her delicate bits hacked into) so we decided to go ahead with scheduling it.  Welp, as usual, we hit a road block.  If you're following along, it's been one step forward two steps back for us the whole process.  Apparently insurance won't cover this procedure as it is coded as a vasectomy reversal and that's optional.  Don't you just love how insurance companies look at codes rather than what the actual surgery itself is?  Good stuff.  So, to have this surgery, it would set us back a mere $6,000.  You know, pocket change.  No biggie.  Except, it's the exact opposite of pocket change and it is a BIGGIE!  It's a HUGIE!
So, we decided to just cool off for a bit and decide what to do.  During this cooling off period, we went out of town for our first anniversary.  We had a great weekend back at the place we got married.  One day, we were enjoying afternoon beers on a great outdoor patio and realized we were on the same page.  We were exhausted, sad, and just plain worn out.  We'd only been married for a year (and, only together for 3 years total at that point) and we were ready to actually enjoy ourselves and our marriage.  We decided we were taking some time off!
That, my friends, began the Year of Fun.  We traveled, we went out, we just plain enjoyed ourselves.  We didn't think about TTC, infertility, sperm, surgeries, anything.  Honestly, it was the best thing we could have done.  For ourselves and for our marriage.  We gained so much perspective during that time.  I should also say that suring the YOF all the babies that had been conceived were being born and we just got to enjoy those sweet babies.  There was no sadness for myself or any pity parties to be had.  Just lots and lots of love for these precious little people coming into our lives.  And, my nephew?  Oh my gosh, I fel head over heels in love with that kid.  All the crap I felt when I first found out that he was coming was just that - crap.  He's the best little guy and his Auntie Candy loves him to pieces.
Well, as most things do, the YOF came to an end.  It ended up only being the 5 or 6 months of fun really.  We started the YOF in May 2011.  The following fall, B told me he was ready to start trying again.  The baby fever was back and in full force.  We discussed it and decided that mentally we were ready to give this whole thing another try.

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